Devsan was founded in 1990 and started to operate with outsource manufacturing for the automotive industry on machining. In 1998, it expanded its working area by adding mold manufacturing to its field of activity. Devsan has started to offer and design support to its customers by adding the speciality of Mechanical Design and Engineering to its technical staff and  continues to grow.

Devsan is a company that provide quality service with expert technical staff and superior quality to the woodworking industry, automotive and white goods sector, especially to support other industries. R&D can give you with quality and continuity service from design to serial manufacturing.

In 2006, Devsan began manufacturing industrial knives and machine parts for the wood industry. Offering high quality in manufacturing of industrial knives and spare parts, our company is ready to serve with various kinds of wear parts, shredding blades, grinding blades, breaking blades. Devsan’s ecological environment management approach provides safety and healthy production.